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At Frameboxx Kothud, we're usually pushing the bounds of creativity, and currently we comp an exciting compositing the using software program, Nuke.

This comp become created in our compositing and matchmove route, we honed our talents to seamlessly combination dynamic hearth consequences into stay-movement footage.

Hello from Frameboxx Kothud!

We've been on an exciting journey diving into the fire compositing using Nuke.This comp become created in our compositing and matchmove Course -Batch, we've learned how to blend fiery scenes into real footage, sparking our creativity along the way.

The Creation Process:

Under the expert guidance of industry professionals and industry standard compositing softwares like Nuke, 3d Equaliser, we composite captivating fire compositing scene.
Nuke's intuitive node-based workflow, we integrated stock footage of flames with live-action sequences, ensuring each element harmonized flawlessly within the frame. With precise color grading, blending techniques, and atmospheric effects, we transformed pixels into mesmerizing displays of fire and fury.

Challenges and Triumphs:

Throughout the journey, our most challenging part was to create a burning bushes, we encountered challenges that tested our skills and creativity. From flame dynamics to fine-tuning timing and intensity, each hurdle presented an opportunity for growth. However, through perseverance and innovative problem-solving, emerging with scenes that surpassed our expectations.

One of the most rewarding aspects was witnessing the transformation of raw footage into immersive spectacles that captivated audiences. Through careful manipulation, we imbued our scenes with depth and realism, drawing viewers into worlds where flames danced with palpable energy.

Student Work

Photo-realism, if it does not look photo-real then it isn’t real. All we have done over the last 15
Years at Frameboxx Kothrud is to teach students how to perform this magic trick without getting caught.

Admissions Open 2024

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