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Internationally acclaimed Mr. Steve Wright helped us in this journey by writing an international quality course curriculum for us.

Some of the best studios our students are working with

Explore the world of VFX or Visual Effects courses at Frameboxx Kothrud, Pune's leading VFX training institute. Our top-quality VFX courses, including online options for flexible learning. Our Nuke and Compositing courses curriculum was developed by compositor Mr. Steve Wright. This compositing course in pune you will get hands-on experience. Our specialized nuke course near you offer the best roto Paint training and prepare you for a thriving VFX career. Find the best VFX course in Pune right here, and embark on your journey toward mastering the art of visual effects. Enroll now and experience unparalleled training at Frameboxx

  • MPAV: FX & Dynamics - 24 Months
    This program is designed to equip you with the skills necessary to create stunning and realistic 3D dynamics effects using particle simulations considered as one of the most challenging aspects of animation, visual effects, and gaming industry. Click to View Details
  • MPAV: Roto, Paint & Compositing - 24 Months
    This comprehensive rotoscoping, paint, and compositing course covers the entire spectrum from basic techniques to advanced workflows, including compositing. You'll receive hands-on training with a variety of projects that will help you develop your skills, and you'll have access to feedback and support to guide you towards a career in the VFX industry. More Deatils
  • MPAV: Matchmove & Compositing - 24 Months
    This program centers around 3D Tracking, Matchmoving & Compositing, which is considered one of the most thrilling and demanding modules in the Visual Effects Industry. It is an essential tool for creating awe-inspiring cinematic sequences by seamlessly integrating CG elements with live action footage. More Details
  • Specialization Program in 3D / VFX - 15 Months
    This program focuses on providing the required knowledge to start your career in the spectacular Media & Entertainment Industry. It works as a stepping stone of your professional journey. More Details

Learning Journey

As the name suggests, all these courses aim to mentor you in all areas of Animation, Visual Effects, and Gaming. They empower you with multiple skill sets, giving you an edge over your peers. You have access to case studies and research material provided by us. Additionally, you will be interacting with our Subject Matter Experts who have worked on projects acclaimed both nationally and internationally.

Student Work

Photo-realism, if it does not look photo-real then it isn’t real. All we have done over the last 15
Years at Frameboxx Kothrud is to teach students how to perform this magic trick without getting caught.

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We think the best way to see our mission in action is through the success of our graduates in the visual effects industry. Our alumni are making a real difference in entertainment. Thanks to our hands-on learning and experienced teachers, Frameboxx Kothrud is proud to produce talented artists, ready to dive right in and make an impact.

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