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How Our Students Made Zombies for a Music Video with Special Effects and VFX at Frameboxx Kothrud!

Do you ever wonder how those creepy zombies in music videos get their spooky looks? Well, let me tell you about an awesome project our students did!

At Frameboxx Kothrud, some of our students work on the makeup for a music video called "Bones."
They had to make the actors look like scary zombies, and boy, did they do a great job!

They used things like fake skin, paint, and other cool stuff to make the actors look all gross and scary. It was like creating monsters, but in a fun way!

What's even cooler is that our students got experienced how a real film crew and actors works.

They had to wake up super early for makeup sessions and work late into the night for the video shoots. But they didn't mind because they were having so much fun!And guess what? The music video turned out amazing! People loved the scary zombies, and our students' work got a lot of praise from everyone who watched it.
We're really proud of our students for their hard work and creativity. They showed that with practice and passion, you can do anything you set your mind to!
So, next time you watch a music video with zombies, remember that there are talented students behind those scary faces, making magic happen. And who knows? Maybe one day you'll be making zombies too!

Student Work

Photo-realism, if it does not look photo-real then it isn’t real. All we have done over the last 15
Years at Frameboxx Kothrud is to teach students how to perform this magic trick without getting caught.

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